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Activating Membership via Scratch CardUpdated 8 months ago

Welcome to SIQ!

Let's activate your prepaid membership so you can get to shooting! You'll find a card attached to the lid of the box the ball came in with a scratch off QR Code on it. Use your fingernail, a coin, or your uncle's guitar pick to gently scratch the top layer off to reveal your unique QR Code. Open your phone's camera and scan this QR Code with your phone and tap on the associated link that pops up. 

From here, you'll see an auto-populated coupon code that will zero out the charge for your membership. You will then enter your payment information so that we've got a card on file for when the membership cycle is complete. 

Also important to note, please enter the email you want associated with the membership as that's where the activation link will be sent upon completion (so if you're signing your son or daughter up we'll want to make sure it's an email they have access to on their phone.) From here, you'll download the SIQ app if you haven't already, find the link sent to the email, and follow the steps to login and create your profile! 

Happy Shooting!

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