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A few keys to get the most out of your Smart Basketball and Membership.

Activating Membership via Scratch Card

Welcome to SIQ!. Let's activate your prepaid membership so you can get to shooting! You'll find a card attached to the lid of the box the ball came in with a scratch off QR Code on it. Use your fingernail, a coin, or your uncle's guitar pick to gentl

Connecting Your Smart Basketball

Connecting Your Smart Basketball. In order to connect your ball you'll first want to be sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned ON. This will likely be an option located immediately in your phone's settings. (We've also found it helpful to put the phon

Why SIQ?

Hi everyone,. Here's an overview of what we've built, and what where we're heading next. We're so glad you (the SIQ Community) are here with us. -SIQ

Out of Stock?

Have your eye on a particular ball that shows we're out of stock?. If so, we've likely ordered more from our manufacturers and they're on their way to us, so we can get them off to you!. Please visit the Contact page on our website and send us your e

Warranty and Return Policy

If you've decided that you no longer want to remain an SIQ member, please simply send us an email via the Contact page on our website and we'll take care of it... No questions asked!. Here's our official Policy:. SIQ Basketballs contain a non-recharg

Having an Issue that's not Addressed Here?

Hey everyone!. My name is Daniel and I want you to know that we're committed to making sure you're loving your Smart Basketball and SIQ App. We do this through listening to our community to find out what's not quite right so we can improve, as well a

Parental Consent Form

Direct Notice to Parents Regarding Children’s Personal Information Collected on our App. Collection of Information:. With your consent, which you may provide as described below, we collect the following information from your child when they use our A