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Connecting Your Smart BasketballUpdated 9 months ago

Connecting Your Smart Basketball

In order to connect your ball you'll first want to be sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned ON. This will likely be an option located immediately in your phone's settings. (We've also found it helpful to put the phone on airplane mode as it limits any unwanted bluetooth traffic as well as incoming texts and phone calls that could interrupt a shooting session.)

From the home page on the SIQ app you'll have the options to select Solo, Casual, etc. If you've selected Solo, for example you'll then be able to choose Shootaround or Freethrow. Once you've made your selection, you'll be prompted to "Connect your ball to start the session." This is done by spinning the ball aggressively backwards in the air to "wake the sensor up" and connect via bluetooth to your phone. 

Once connected, you'll hear an audio cue, followed by a whistle and a screen showing all the available data points for each shot. From this point you're able to take a shot, and receive real time feedback on every shot you take!

Happy Shooting!

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